10th Year of IP3 Awards: Who Should Win?
10th Year of IP3 Awards: Who Should Win?
10th Year of IP3 Awards: Who Should Win?

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    The 10th Annual IP3 Awards are coming up on October 9th, 2013! Who do you think deserves IP3 Awards this year?

    is an exciting time for the public interest community and tech policy! 

    the last year, we have celebrated winning court decisions such as the Aereo
    case and Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, and we have continued to stand up
    net neutrality rules when we forced AT&T to step back from its blocking of
    Facetime.  From bringing about a
    balanced discussion around copyright reform following the dark days of
    SOPA/PIPA, to carrying the torch for the social contract of the Communications
    Act in discussions over the PSTN transition, to introducing DC to innovative
    new technologies like 3D printing, we are the thought leaders and activists who
    are leading the way forward. 

    Knowledge’s IP3 awards are a special occasion to honor those who have made
    significant contributions in the three areas of “IP”—intellectual
    property, information policy and Internet protocol.   

    This year will be the
    tenth year PK has made the awards, and now it’s time for you to submit
    nominations. They can be for a career’s worth of work, or for a more recent
    accomplishment. It’s up to you.

    in 2012 were Rep. Darrell Issa, New America Foundation’s Rebecca MacKinnon,
    Michael Masnick of TechDirt, and longtime public interest leader and attorney
    Andy Schwartzman.

    from past years include Senator Ron Wyden and Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Ben Scott, then
    with Free Press, Fred von Lohmann, then with the Electronic Frontier
    Foundation, members of the band OK Go!; professor Tim Wu; Blake and Jason
    Krikorian, founders of Sling Media; Gregory Maguire, author of “Wicked: The
    Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.”

    how it works:

    • Send in your nomination to this
      email address: ip3nominees@publicknowledge.org
    • Give us the name of your
      nominee and a short explanation for why you think your nominee should win.
    • We’ll pass along that
      information to a panel of judges who will narrow down the list of nominees
      to three winners.

    year’s judges will be:

    • Leslie Harris, President &
      CEO, Center for Democracy and Technology
    • Sally Shipman Wentworth, Senior
      Director, Strategic Public Policy, Internet Society
    • Andrew McLaughlin, CEO, Digg
      and Senior VP, Betaworks
    • Joe Torres, Senior External
      Affairs Director, Free Press
    • Christopher Lewis, VP for
      Government Affairs, Public Knowledge

    Please make your nominations by June 3. You can see a list of past
    winners here.  This year’s winners will be recognized
    at the 10th Annual IP3 Awards on October 9, 2013.