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    Corporate lobbying could imperil sweeping data privacy bill: The Hill quotes Senior Policy Counsel at Public Knowledge, Sara Collins, on the American Data Privacy and Protection Act, “The gist of the bill is to have companies not collect any more data than they need to provide you with the service that you’re engaging with.” (8/3/2022)

    Bloomberg Technology: Competition Policy Director Charlotte Slaiman discusses antitrust and the reining in of Big Tech. (8/1/2022)

    Future of Spectrum – Senate Commerce Committee: Chair of the Subcommittee on Communications, Media, and Broadband, holds a hearing titled “Future of Spectrum” featuring testimony from Public Knowledge President and CEO Chris Lewis. (8/2/2022)

    FCC asks tech companies about geolocation practices amid abortion data worries: Article from the Washington Examiner quotes Public Knowledge Senior Vice President Harold Feld, “In light of the long history of abuses by carriers selling this kind of detailed and hyper-accurate information to law enforcement, bounty hunters, and even stalkers, Chairwoman Rosenworcel is to be praised for conducting this inquiry.” (7/22/2022)

    House panel set to advance privacy bill, striking a long-awaited grand bargain: The Washington post quotes Senior Policy Counsel Sara Collins about the bipartisan privacy bill markup, “Everybody is coming to terms with the fact that this is going to have to be bipartisan, and nobody’s going to get everything that they want.” (7/20/2022)

    New internal documents show tech giants pushing out competitors: Politico quotes Competition Policy Director Charlotte Slaiman about the importance of antitrust, “It’s additional compelling evidence for anyone who was still on the fence that these problems are real and the recommendations of the report need to be taken seriously by Congress.” (7/19/2022)

    Facebook Internal Memo on Rivals Undercuts Antitrust Defense: An article featured on MSN, quotes Competition Policy Director Charlotte Slaiman regarding a memo from Facebook stating that they are “trying to compete on size, not quality.” (7/19/2022)

    Slow broadband? FCC wants to boost internet speeds from ‘harmful’ minimums: ZDNet mentions co-founder of Public Knowledge and potential fifth member of the FCC board, Gigi Sohn. (7/19/2022)

    Congressional Democrats Ready Net Neutrality Bill: CNET quotes Director of Government Affairs Greg Guice about the impasse with Gigi Sohn’s FCC nomination, “Service providers can comply with 50 sets of regulations. It’s not ideal. But I guess that’s what the ISPs want, because that’s what’s happening without a fifth commissioner.” (7/18/2022)

    FCC Creates Incentive Program to Close Digital Divide on Tribal Lands: CNET mentions Public Knowledge in regard to information on how common carriers tend to limit deploying services to rural and tribal communities. (7/14/2022)

    Millions of Americans are still eligible for internet and $100 for a laptop, but it won’t last – don’t miss your chance: Yahoo! quotes Senior Policy Counsel Jenna Leventoff about the barrier to getting internet access for low-wage earners, “It means that they can’t do a video chat or go to school online. They can’t work remotely. They can’t do a telehealth visit.  They can’t talk with their friends.” (7/14/2022)

    A More Perfect Union: Civil Rights, Tech Policy, and Elon Musks’ Attempt to Ditch $44B Deal to Purchase Twitter: Dr. Nii-Quartelai Quartey features Government Affairs Policy Counsel A. Prince Albert III on his podcast show. (7/10/2022)

    Why AT&T and Verizon are feuding with the US government over a last-minute delay to 5G: In the Verge, Senior Vice President talked about why Verizon and AT&T care so much about FG saying that, “They don’t have sufficient mid-band spectrum without it.” (1/4/2022)

    Why 2022 could be a ‘watershed year’ for tech regulation: Director of Government Affairs Greg Guice emphasized the importance of Congress moving quickly on digital marketplace reform efforts, telling the Washington Post that “gatekeepers are more than capable of running out the clock.” (1/3/2022)

    Telecoms set to launch new 5G spectrum over FAA objections: Senior Vice President Harold Feld discusses the ongoing tensions between the aviation and telecommunications industries over the deployment of 5G with Marketplace. (1/3/2022)

    Big Tech’s Next Monopoly Game: Building the Car of the Future: Politico quotes Competition Policy Director Charlotte Slaiman about the importance of competition, “It’s really hard to remedy anticompetitive conduct five or 10 years down the line.” (12/26/2021)

    A political fight over 5G could upend air travel: What you should know: Senior Vice President Harold Feld is quoted in CNN about the fight over 5G between the aviation industry and telecommunications industry, saying “It’s worth noting that about 40 other countries have approved use of 5G in C-Band.” (12/22/2021)

    Inside the new federal broadband fund: What will $65 billion actually buy?: Director of Government Affairs Greg Guice discusses in Enterprise.Nxt what the impact of the bipartisan infrastructure bill broadband funding will be saying that “This is a once-in-a-generation investment that will definitely get us closer to closing the digital divide”. (12/8/2021)

    Planet Money: Senior Policy Counsel Meredith Rose discusses Taylor Swift and copyright. (11/24/21)

    Verizon, TracFone Deal Gets FCC and California Approval: Policy Counsel Kathleen Burke in Broadband Breakfast applauds the FCC for its oversight on the Verizon/TracFone merger saying that it “should provide better prepaid and Lifeline services to the benefit of low-income and price-conscious consumers.” (11/23/2021)

    FAA forced delay in 5G rollout despite having no proof of harm to aviation: Ars Technica quotes Senior Vice President Harold Feld in debunking Federal Aviation Administration claims of interference related to 5G. (11/18/21)

    The FCC Proposes A Wi-Fi Tax — For Real This Time: In Forbes, Senior Vice President Harold Feld criticized the recent proposed WiFi Tax saying, “The whole point of unlicensed spectrum is that it’s open for everyone to use” in a Forbes Op-Ed. (11/16/21)

    3G shutdowns could leave most vulnerable without a connection: The Washington Post speaks with Senior Vice President Harold Feld about the 3G sunset and how we ensure the transition to 5G doesn’t leave consumers behind (11/13/2021)

    A spectrum roadblock for the wireless industry: On Explain to Shane with Shane Tews, Senior Vice President Harold Feld discusses the recent Federal Aviation Administration warning that using C-band for 5G could interfere with air safety, reigniting a multiyear battle that many believe FCC engineers have successfully put to rest. (11/10/2021)

    Biden’s “historic” $65 billion broadband plan approved by Congress: President and CEO Chris Lewis in Ars Technica praised the Bipartisan Infrastructure Package passed by Congress, “We applaud the bill’s provisions that fund digital equity initiatives and that require internet service providers to use a uniform label so customers will be able to easily compare [I]nternet plans.” (11/8/2021)

    How your photo could end up in the public domain — and used in ads around the world: In CNN, Senior Policy Counsel Meredith Rose talks about copyright and social media in regards to about the recent BJ Novak pictures that were said to have entered the public domain. “Copyright is designed to incentivize the artist pushing the shutter button, not the model in the photo itself,” Rose said. (11/7/2021)

    The free laptop program built into the Biden reconciliation plan: In Verge, Senior Policy Counsel Jenna Leventoff says “We can invest all of this money in the infrastructure package in broadband deployment, but we’re not going to close the digital divide if we don’t make sure people have the computers and tablets they need,” in an interview about a proposed subsidy program to help low-income families afford devices. (11/2/2021)

    Lobbyists turn to infrastructure law’s implementation: In the Hill, Director of Government Affairs Greg Guice talks about how the NTIA will craft its new internet rules under the bipartisan infrastructure package’s new broadband expansion plan,  “Competition, affordability, speed, reliability, resiliency — with all of those things there is some flexibility, and ISPs would like to keep them at a minimum level.”  (11/27/2021)