3D/DC: 3D Printing is Coming to Washington
3D/DC: 3D Printing is Coming to Washington
3D/DC: 3D Printing is Coming to Washington

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    If you like being ahead of the curve on intellectual property issues, or new educational tools, or technology to encourage the growth of small businesses, or ways to bring manufacturing back to the US, or cutting carbon emissions related to shipping, or just plain cool stuff, it is time to mark your calendar.  On the afternoon of April 28th, 3D printing comes to Washington. Click here to register now for this free event!

    For those of you not already in the know, 3D printers turn digital files into physical objects.  Once you design the object on your computer, the 3D printer builds it, layer by tiny layer, out of plastic, powder, and even metal.  This diverse community includes multi-million dollar companies, small startups, academic researchers, and everyone in between.  And on April 28th, they are coming to DC to tell policymakers what they are up to.

    3D/DC will have three parts: two panels and a demonstration.  The first panel, Meet the Printers, will introduce Washington to all of the parts of this industry.  A broad cross section of representatives will introduce themselves with quick 5-minute presentations.  After the presentations, you will have an opportunity to ask questions and explore further.

    This being Washington, the second panel, How a Promising Technology Might Get Shelved, will focus on some of the policies that can best foster the growth of 3D printing technology.  The discussion will focus on lessons from other flourishing creative industries that have limited reliance on traditional intellectual property rights as well as ways 3D printing can be used to increase science education in the United States.

    The final part will be a demonstration.  This will be your chance to get one-on-one access to the 3D printing community.  Each group will have a table to show off what they do and what they make.  You will be able to see 3D printing and 3D printed objects, and talk to the people that make 3D printing possible face-to-face.

    So what are you waiting for? Click here to register and find out more!  And don’t forget to tell your friends: click here to Tweet a link to the 3D/DC event page.