Announcing the Public Knowledge “Copyright School” Video Challenge!
Announcing the Public Knowledge “Copyright School” Video Challenge!
Announcing the Public Knowledge “Copyright School” Video Challenge!

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    In an attempt to educate its users about copyright law, YouTube has debuted “Copyright School,” a video that explains why videos are removed from YouTube. While “Copyright School” does a great job of telling you what you can’t do with copyrighted content, it does a very poor job of telling you what you can do with copyrighted content–namely, remix, reuse and repurpose it without permission from the rightsholder as allowed under the doctirine of fair use. So here’s our challenge to you: can you make a better video than YouTube that explains both what you can and can’t do with copyrighted content? Watch the video above (and read the official rules) to find out how you can win $1000 and have your video featured on the Public Knowledge website!* From the pool of submissions, we’ll select six finalists, whose videos will be judged by the following panel of celebrity judges:    

    Kirby Ferguson: Kirby is a writer, director and editor who is best known for his “Everything is a Remix” video series, which traces the evolution of culture as it is remixed, reused and repurposed into new works.

    Elisa Kreisinger: Elisa is a remix artist, educator, curator and speaker. She is best known for her “Queer Carrie” remix project, which reconfigures the gendered narratives found in the television series “Sex and the City”.

    Jonathan McIntosh: Jonathan McIntosh is a pop culture hacker, best known for his Glenn Beck/Donald Duck mash-up video, “Right Wing Radio Duck” and his Buffy vs. Edward remix series.

    Brian Rowe: Brian is an activist and legal scholar and teaches Policy, Law, and Ethics in Information Management at the University of Washington’s Information School.

    Finally, help us spread the word by tweeting a link to this page to your friends. Good luck and may the best video win!

    * Must be 18 years or older and a legal resident of the United States at the time of entry. If you win, we will contact you via YouTube, so make sure you can be reached via your YouTube account! Read the offical rules here.