Brewster Kahle, Warrington Hudlin Join Public Knowledge Board
Brewster Kahle, Warrington Hudlin Join Public Knowledge Board
Brewster Kahle, Warrington Hudlin Join Public Knowledge Board

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    Public Knowledge President Gigi B. Sohn today announced the addition of two new members of the organization's board of directors, Brewster Kahle and Warrington Hudlin.

    Kahle is one of the true luminaries of the online world. He is best known the founder and digital librarian of the Internet Archive, which was started in 1996 to offer permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars and the general public to Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Kahle has said his goal is nothing less than to provide “universal access to all human knowledge.” Kahle's work with the archive follows a pioneering entrepreneurial career in which he started a supercomputer company, Thinking Machines, and the Internet's first distributed search system, WAIS (Wide Area Information Server). He is a 2004 recipient of Public Knowledge's IP3 award.

    Hudlin is a pioneering filmmaker, film curator, and organizer. He is the president and one of the founders of the Black Filmmaker Foundation, which for more than two decades has played a pivot role in the black independent film movement. Hudlin is the executive producer of the Webby Award winning BFF Lab which commissions digital films and new media by a new generation of filmmakers of color. Hudlin is also a producer of popular feature films, including Boomerang, starring Eddie Murphy, that grossed $130 million worldwide and House Party, which introduced hip-hop subgenre to American film.

    “Brewster and Warrington bring tremendous strengths to our board. Their expertise will help us immeasurably,” Sohn said.

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