Published January 2016

The Copyright Reform Act (CRA) is model legislation that proposes five changes to copyright law that are intended to tip the balance back in favor of the constitutional mandate that copyright protection “promote the progress of science and the useful arts.”

The CRA presented here as a discussion draft that will be released over the next few weeks. We will be asking you, the public, for recommendations for modifications and additions.

The parts of the CRA that are currently released are:

  • Introduction

This paper is currently available in PDF format.

  • Report 1: Updating Fair Use for Innovators and Creators in the Digital Age: Two Targeted Reforms

This paper is currently available in PDF format.

Report 1’s Appendix A is the language of the draft legislation that covers reforms to fair use. It is available here.

Please follow @CReformAct for updates and join the discussion of this draft legislation by commenting below as well.

The text of Gigi Sohn’s speech given at Free Culture Conference 2010 can be found here in PDF format

Feel free to contact us with feedback.