EFF’s DMCA’s Unintended Consequences Study
EFF’s DMCA’s Unintended Consequences Study
EFF’s DMCA’s Unintended Consequences Study

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    EFF has posted their study of the unintended consequences of the DMCA.

    Here's a quick run-down of the consequences:

    Chilling Free Expression and Scientific Research
    DMCA Delays Disclosure of Sony-BMG “Rootkit” Vulnerability
    Cyber-Security Czar Notes Chill on Research
    Professor Felten's Research Team Threatened
    SunnComm Threatens Grad Student
    Hewlett Packard Threatens SNOsoft
    Blackboard Threatens Security Researchers
    Xbox Hack Book Dropped by Publisher
    Censorware Research Obstructed
    Dmitry Sklyarov Arrested
    Scientists and Programmers Withhold Research
    Foreign Scientists Avoid U.S.
    IEEE Wrestles with DMCA
    2600 Magazine Censored
    CNET Reporter Feels Chill
    Microsoft Threatens Slashdot
    GameSpy Menaces Security Researcher with DMCA
    AVSforum.com Censors TiVo Discussion
    Mac Forum Censors iTunes Music Store Discussion

    Fair Use Under Siege
    Copy-protected CDs
    Fair Use Tools Banned: DVD Back-up Software
    Advanced e-Book Processor and e-Books
    Time-shifting and Streaming Media
    embed and Fonts

    A threat to innovation and competition
    DMCA Used to Lock Cell Phones to Carriers
    Apple Threatens Real over Harmony
    Tecmo Sues to Block Game Enhancements
    Nikon's Encrypted RAW Format Blocks Adobe
    HP's Region-Coded, Expiring Printer Cartridges
    StorageTek Attempts to Block Independent Service Vendors
    Lexmark Sues Over Toner Cartridges
    Sony Sues Connectix and Bleem
    Sony Threatens Aibo Hobbyist
    Sony Attacks PlayStation “Mod Chips”
    Blizzard Sues bnetd.org
    Apple Harasses Inventive Retailer

    DMCA Shoulders Aside Computer Intrusion Statutes
    Disgruntled Company Sues Former Contractor For Unauthorized Network Access