Published June 2015

Welcome to the latest season of Five Minutes with Feld, where Harold Feld breaks down complicated topics in Internet policy, because “this stuff is important!”

Summer 2015 Season Promo

Harold Feld marks his returns this summer in another episode of Five Minutes with Feld. Do you have questions about anything from net neutrality to spectrum to even bronies? Then ask him questions via twitter with the hashtag #askfeld or in the comments below and he might answer yours in the first episode!

June 18th: Five Fundamentals

In his return to the YouTube screen, Harold Feld outlines what must be done to protect consumers as we go through the tech transition. Watch this and prepare for the series to follow where Harold picks apart the champions and villains in this transition!

June 24th: #AskFeld

We asked you, you sent in comments, and now Harold sits down and answers the first of your #askfeld questions. Don’t forget to #askfeld any of your questions, troll or not, on our next episode!

July 7th: Universal Service

On today’s episode, Harold covers one of the “Five Fundamentals,” universal service for all Americans. Get ready to laugh and learn, because this stuff is important! 

July 15th: #AskFeld

Harold Feld is back in another episode of #AskFeld, answering questions on Comcast, spectrum, and Medieval weapons.

July 24th: Competition and Interconnection

On today’s episode, Harold covers another one of the “Five Fundamentals,” competition and interconnection. Harold breaks it down for you, because this stuff is important!

August 4th: Spectrum Auction and Tech Transition

On today’s episode, Harold breaks down the spectrum auction and the tech transition, two topics the FCC will cover at this week’s Open Meeting. Prepare to be amazed, because this stuff is important!