I Just Called to Say I Love Title II
I Just Called to Say I Love Title II
I Just Called to Say I Love Title II

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    Did you forget to order flowers? Stuck with gas station daisies? The only chocolate you can find is an expired Tootsie Roll? Don’t worry, there is still hope!

    This Valentine’s Day the best gift you can give your loved ones is a lasting, fair and open internet. On February 4th, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced that he intends to create strong and enforceable net neutrality rules, but he can’t do it alone. Opponents and internet providers are doing everything in their power to stop the Commission from passing these rules. The more Congressional support Title II receives, the easier it will be for the FCC to implement real, effective net neutrality rules.

    So this Valentine’s Day, help us spread the love by sending these cards to your representative. Use our Congressional Tool to find your specific representative,  then send them a tweet using one of the images saying you #LoveTitleII and they should too!

    Will you help spread the love?

    Choose which card you like the best from below and start spreading the love! Remember to include the hashtag #LoveTitleII in all of your tweets. We have also included some sample tweets to get you started. This should be a positive and humorous way to catch Congress’ attention and allow them to see a softer side of our net neutrality advocates.

    Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy sending notes to your loved ones unblocked and help us to keep it that way!

    (LPT: Gas station flowers are better than none!)

    .@SenatorBurr Chuck Morris from Kernersville, NC chose #TitleII as his valentine and wants you to too! #LoveTitleII









    Forget Gal-entines Day! Leslie Pope’s valentine is the Internet and @MarkeyMemo make sure she’s not alone! #LoveTitleII #NetNeutrality









    .@ChrisCoons This yr I’ll make it easy. I don’t want chocolates or roses for #valentines I want to see you say you #LoveTitleII










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