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    • The FCC formally opened its review of the XM-Sirius merger to public comment. The Commission has aimed to complete the merger review within 180 days, though that date is not binding

    • Apple may soon begin a $2.99 movie rental service. The DRM-protected downloads would survive for $30 days and could be copied to one other device, such as an iPod or iPhone.

    • The Church of England is considering suing Sony for using Manchester Cathedral as a site in its new first-person-shooter video game. The Church is demanding that Sony apologize and that 'Resistance: Fall of Man' be pulled from shelves.

    • Forbes has an article this week about the fight for Open Access

      “It's now clear that the techies are learning, fast, how to take a fight to Washington. One of the companies pushing the idea–Frontline Wireless–already has former FCC Chairman Reed Hunt on staff, proving they know how to play this game. Now we'll see if they have the stomach to win it.”

    • The Chicago Tribune says that opening up the set top box market will raise consumers' cable bills

      What seems more certain is that consumers' monthly cable bills are likely to rise a few dollars after the new rule takes effect. That's because the cable box born from the regulation costs more to produce, a cost likely to get passed down to TV watchers, analysts and cable operators say.

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