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    Get Involved Today

    Just thought we’d catch you up on some of our doings here. We got involved in the Viacom suit against You Tube.

    Gigi is quoted on the lawsuit in the Financial Times here:

    She’s on Marketplace here:

    PK Board member Larry Lessig writes about the copyright implications of the Viacom suit here:

    And last, but certainly not last, our own Alex Curtis is the star of a video presentation from Bowling Green University in his native Ohio here:

    Just a reminder — Gigi will testify tomorrow (March 20) before the Senate Antitrust Subcommittee on the proposed XM-Sirius Satellite merger. Information on the hearing is here:

    This is our second time testifying on the issue. The first was before the House Judiciary’s Antitrust Task Force on Feb. 28.