Make Your Nomination Now for the 2010 IP3 Awards!
Make Your Nomination Now for the 2010 IP3 Awards!
Make Your Nomination Now for the 2010 IP3 Awards!

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    The 2010 IP3 awards are almost upon us and you can help out by making a nomination. (Actually, you can make as many as you like!) Let us know who you think should be honored for their good work in any or all of the “three IPs”: Intellectual Property, Information Policy, and Internet Protocol. The IP3 awards are our way of paying tribute to the thought leaders who inspired us and our supporters during the past year. Help us out by taking a quick minute to tell us who you think deserves an IP3 award this year.

    Here’s how it works: we take nominations from the public, and pass those along to a panel of outside judges who narrow the list down to three winners. If you want to make a nomination, please use this web form, and include a few short sentences on why you think your nominee should win.

    This year’s judges will be:

    • Shawn H. Chang, Majority Counsel, Communications and Technology Policy, House Committee on Energy and Commerce
    • Amalia Deloney, Grassroots Policy Director, The Center for Media Justice
    • Barbara van Schewick, Assistant Professor of Law and Faculty Director, Center for Internet and Society, Stanford Law School, Professor of Electrical Engineering (by Courtesy), Stanford University
    • Siva Vaidhyanathan, Associate Professor of Media Studies, University of Virginia Law School
    • Gwen Hinze, International Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation

    We’d love to have a variety of nominees—artists and engineers, economists and innovators, people from outside the beltway and D.C. policy wonks—so if you know someone who deserves an IP3 Award, speak up!

    You can see a list of past winners here. Make your nomination today!