Net Neutrality (or the lack of) in the Draft Senate Telecom Bill
Net Neutrality (or the lack of) in the Draft Senate Telecom Bill
Net Neutrality (or the lack of) in the Draft Senate Telecom Bill

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    Also in the Senate Telecom Draft Bill (link coming soon!) is language on net neutrality. The bill calls for the FCC to conduct a study on the issue. That’s pretty much it.

    Here’s the language:


    (a) INGENERAL.—Beginning 1 year after the date of enactment of this Act, the Federal Communications Commission shall report annually to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation and the House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce for 5 years regarding—

    (1) the developments in Internet traffic processing, routing, peering, transport, and interconnection;

    (2) how such developments impact the free flow of information over the public Internet and the consumer experience using the public Internet

    (3) business relationships between broadband service providers and applications and online user services; and

    (4) the development of and services available over public and private Internet offerings.

    (b) DETERMINATIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS.—If the Commission determines that there are significant problems with any of the matters described in subsection (a) the Commission shall make such recommendations in its next annual report under subsection (a) as it deems necessary and appropriate to ensure that consumers can access lawful content and run Internet applications and services over the public Internet subject to the bandwidth purchased and the needs of law enforcement agencies. The Commission shall include recommendations for appropriate enforcement mechanisms but may not recommend additional rulemaking authority for the Commission.