PKers love technology: one staffer’s day in line for iPhone
PKers love technology: one staffer’s day in line for iPhone
PKers love technology: one staffer’s day in line for iPhone

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    June 29: 5:01 AM

    Alarm clock goes off. Yesterday I knew my motto for today would have to be “the early bird gets the worm.” That was before last nights very successful Digital Freedom Campaign Artist Showcase (more on that later today). This morning, my body was telling me that an extra half-an-hour wasn't going to hurt my chances of obtaining an iPhone. Reset alarm clock for 5:30am. Zzzz…

    June 29: 6:03 AM

    On the way to Eastern Market Metro, I think I've discovered why Washington, DC is so humid: Washingtonian's obsession with maintaining their green lawns, all 8 square feet of them. Sprinklers are on everywhere. Capitol Hill is pretty quiet at this time of day. I board the metro bound for Pentagon City, the location I've strategically chosen to wait in line for the iPhone. We'll see if my strategery pays off.

    June 29: 6:43 AM

    Despite what I was told by mall security yesterday, the mall doors were open and accessible. Drat! As I enter the mall's food court, there are a handful of others who share my techno-lust, receiving instructions from a security guard, saying that we'd be able to head up to stand in line around 8AM. Until then, we'd have to wait here. Those who are waiting don't quite seem awake yet, but as more mall crew stroll through, the iPhone enthusiasts' eyes track them to make sure they don't try to get ahead of the rest. We didn't get up this early to be cut in front of. The great news is that it looks like there won't be a problem buying an iPhone tonight.

    June 29 7:02 AM

    McDonald's opens. Mmm…

    June 29 7:35 AM

    The line migrates upstairs ahead of schedule. Here come the security guards…line standers weren't very happy. The Apple Store Manager thankfully came out and smoothed things over. We all work out a deal where we can formally start lining up at 9 AM. Until then, we just hang out.

    June 29 12:54 PM

    Not much has changed in the past five hours or so. Just sitting in line, commiserating with those around me. Everyone is very friendly and for an all day thing like this, that's really appreciated. The Apple store folks have come out to greet everyone, and even passed out bottles water to everyone. An Apple rep stopped by and when asked if there will be some surprises come 6PM, he smiled and said we'll just have to wait and see. We're slowly approaching that 2PM mark where the store is supposed to close down and prep for sales. I'll keep readers posted when more “news” happens.

    June 29 4:09 PM

    Around 2 PM, the Apple Store closed. Inside, the staff draped the windows in black and decal'd the window with the following announcement “iPhone World Premiere Tonight at 6 p.m.” Just a little bit ago, a few of the staff came out to pass out some more water for the crowd in line. Both of them looked like they had been very busy, but running on adrenaline. They acted as if they had just come out of the delivery room, tired but all smiles. One said, “It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.” Wow. Only one hour, 44 minutes left!