Privileged Conversations | April 2022
Privileged Conversations | April 2022
Privileged Conversations | April 2022

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    Public Knowledge has the pleasure of hosting a multifaceted program focused on training and developing the next generation of tech policy experts and public interest advocates that reflects the diversity of voices and experiences in our society.

    Our monthly Career Breakfast Series is designed for students & recent graduates to learn about tech policy and public interest work, careers, and its community.

    On April 1st, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious breakfast while talking to our special guest Francella Ochillo.

    Francella Ochillo is an attorney and nonprofit executive whose work underscores how widespread broadband adoption can improve educational outcomes, economic resilience, the ability to age in place, and pathways for participating in democracy.

    She serves as Executive Director of Next Century Cities, an organization devoted to helping local leaders bring broadband within reach for every resident. Through her Technology and Public Purpose Fellowship at Harvard University, Francella develops research on how digital inequities reinforce income inequality and contribute to the separation of wealth. Advocating for the public interest on a variety of technology issues, she provides expertise on how government policies and industry practices affect societal infrastructure, particularly for underrepresented populations.

    Francella has served on Federal Communications Commission working groups, provided Congressional testimony, and participated in local, state, and federal level proceedings aimed at closing the digital divide.

    This is a private event. If you meet the requirements (recent graduate or student) and are interested in attending, please send us an email at