Privileged Conversations | Mar. 2024
Privileged Conversations | Mar. 2024
Privileged Conversations | Mar. 2024

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    Public Knowledge has the pleasure of inviting you to a multifaceted program focused on training and developing the next generation of tech policy experts and public interest advocates that reflects the diversity of voices and experiences in our society.

    Please join us for our monthly Career Breakfast Series. This event is designed specifically for students and recent graduates of color, offering insights into tech policy and public interest careers, and providing a platform for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. This month you will have the opportunity to have a great conversation with Sumit Sharma.

    Sumit Sharma is a Senior Researcher for Consumer Reports and leads the organization’s advocacy on competition and antitrust matters. Before joining CR, Sumit held various positions as an economist (both as an outside expert and in-house economist) specializing in issues related to the converging telecoms, media, and technology sectors. His expertise has been developed through a broad spectrum of work across regulatory, finance, and competition issues.

    Sumit’s experience includes advising Governments and companies on strategic policy, policy design/evaluation, competition, and investment matters. He has also advised on various antitrust matters and defining evolving markets to assess market power and design proportionate remedies. Sumit began his career as an economist for NERA Economic Consulting and received his Master’s degree in Economics from Universitat Pompeu Fabra and his Master’s degree in International Commerce from Seoul National University.

    Join us on Friday, March 1st @ 08:30 A.M. ET at The Gathering Spot in Washington, D.C.

    This is a private event. However, if you know someone who would be interested in attending, please email