Public Knowledge Applauds NTIA for Developing Pathway To Boost Nation’s National Spectrum Strategy

The NTIA unveils its implementation plan for the administration's National Spectrum Strategy.

Today, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration announced its implementation plan for President Biden’s National Spectrum Strategy to secure the future of U.S. wireless policy and innovation. 

The plan is designed to secure our digital future with “four pillars”: (1) Securing adequate spectrum for next-generation services such as 6G and Wi-Fi 7 without disrupting federal operations (and avoiding interagency feuds such as the fight in 2022 that temporarily shut down air travel); (2) create a stakeholder-driven process to forge a long-term “spectrum pipeline”; (3) facilitate research into cutting-edge spectrum technologies such as dynamic spectrum sharing; and (4) grow our shrinking spectrum workforce to support the wireless economy.

The following can be attributed to Harold Feld, Senior Vice President of Public Knowledge:

“This is an implementation plan designed for real, not for show. Rather than simply list aspirational goals to satisfy the wireless industry’s insatiable demand for spectrum, this implementation plan provides a pathway to a sustainable spectrum future that will maintain America’s leadership and bring the benefits of the wireless economy to all. 

“We particularly applaud the Biden administration for its commitment to expanding and diversifying the spectrum workforce. Lack of engineers, tower climbers, and other specialized workers needed to build out wireless networks delays deployment of next-generation networks and threatens our ability to continue to lead the world in wireless technologies. This is the first administration to propose a federal strategy to address this growing problem, and we are pleased at the commitment to doing so in a way that expands opportunities for those traditionally excluded from these well-paying jobs.”

You may view Public Knowledge’s previously filed comments urging the NTIA to adopt a national spectrum strategy that moves us towards a future that serves and includes all Americans. You may also view our blog post, “Back to the Spectrum Future: How a Public Interest Framework Can Create a Wireless Future that Benefits Us All,” for more information on how a values-based spectrum policy framework can benefit everyone.

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