Public Knowledge Commends FCC’s Video Diversity Proposal
Public Knowledge Commends FCC’s Video Diversity Proposal
Public Knowledge Commends FCC’s Video Diversity Proposal

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    Today, the Federal Communications Commission approved a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that, if followed up with new rules, would benefit TV viewers by giving them increased access to diverse and independent programming. Public Knowledge applauds the Commission for taking another step toward freeing consumers and programmers from the anti-competitive grip of pay TV giants.

    The following can be attributed to Dallas Harris, Policy Fellow at Public Knowledge:

    “For far too long, major incumbent MVPDs have exploited their negotiating leverage over independent and diverse programmers to prevent the evolution of the video marketplace in pro-consumer and pro-creator ways. The FCC’s proposed rules would help level the playing field by forbidding certain contractual clauses that prevent independent programmers from providing their programming to competitive outlets, such as online video services. The Commission will also explore how bundling practices can harm viewers and independent creators. These measures would make it easier for independent programming to reach more consumers and discover new business models to fund the creation of even more programs.

    “The FCC has been working diligently to create a better video marketplace for both independent programmers and consumers. These proposed rules mark a significant step in the right direction. We encourage the FCC to continue exploring how large pay-TV providers can harm diverse and independent programmers by holding back emerging competition in the video marketplace.”

    Please view our video issue page for more information. You may also view our Video Programming Notice of Inquiry comments.

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