Public Knowledge Honors the Memory of Dr. Everett Parker
Public Knowledge Honors the Memory of Dr. Everett Parker
Public Knowledge Honors the Memory of Dr. Everett Parker

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    Today, Rev. Dr. Everett C. Parker passed away at the age of 102. Dr. Parker was the founder and director of the United Church of Christ Office of Communication, a media reform and accountability ministry with a civil rights agenda working to improve the coverage and employment of women and people of color in broadcasting and media since 1957.

    Dr. Parker was named one of the most influential men in broadcasting by the trade publication Broadcasting Magazine and is featured in the Museum of Broadcast Communications Encyclopedia of Television.

    The following may be attributed to Public Knowledge President Gene Kimmelman on behalf of Public Knowledge:

    “Everett Parker was more than a civil rights activist; he was a pioneer in activism. Everett recognized the critical importance of broadcasting to shaping the struggle for equality. He literally invented the idea of media reform, demanding that the public have the right to a say in the management of the public airwaves. In the landmark case of United Church of Christ v. FCC, Everett forced the FCC to recognize that racist programming could not serve the public interest. Well beyond his formal retirement in 1983, Everett remained a leading voice for diversity and social justice in the media and in society.”

    The following may be attributed to Harold Feld, Senior Vice President of Public Knowledge:

    “Throughout his long life, Everett Parker served as a mentor to generations of media rights reformers. Those he taught and inspired have continued the fight to increase diversity of ownership, the fight to prevent media consolidation, and the fight to keep the Internet open. All of America owes Everett Parker a debt of gratitude for his vision, for his accomplishments, and for those he trained to continue the struggle for the public interest.”

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