Public Knowledge Joins More Than 20 Public Interest Groups Urging House To Vote on ADPPA To Protect Consumers

Bipartisan privacy bill would introduce stronger online protection for minors and ensure civil rights are protected online.

Today, Public Knowledge joined more than 20 public interest, labor, consumer advocacy, and civil rights groups in a letter urging Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to move the “American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA)” to a vote by the full House of Representatives. The bill would introduce stronger online protections for minors, including a ban on targeted advertising for anyone under 17 years old, and install strict limitations for the collection, use, and sharing of private information. The groups contend that this comprehensive federal privacy and civil rights legislation “not only protects people’s privacy, but also ensures that everyone will have their civil rights protected online.”

The following is an excerpt from the letter:

“[We the undersigned groups] strongly believe that this Congress presents the best opportunity to pass comprehensive privacy legislation over the next few years, which is even more vital in a post-Dobbs world. 

“Some of the benefits of passing [the] ADPPA now would be stronger protections for kids’ and teens’ data than under current law, including a ban on targeted advertising to anyone under 17 years old and a new Federal Trade Commission office focused on youth marketing. It also includes comprehensive data broker regulations and global opt-outs for consumers. [The] ADPPA combines strong data minimization requirements that limit the collection, use, and sharing of information with strong anti-discrimination provisions.

“Bringing [the] ADPPA to the floor of the House does not mean it cannot be further strengthened. The bill sponsors have demonstrated that they will listen to stakeholder criticism and address concerns; as evidenced by the changes made to this bill from introduction to the subcommittee hearing to the full committee vote. However, there is a narrow window in which to act. For years, your strong leadership has been relied on in Congress to usher in large, transformative legislation. [The] ADPPA is another piece of large, transformative legislation that with your leadership should become law and usher in real meaningful privacy protections for all consumers.

“The time is now to pass a comprehensive federal privacy law. The public wants and deserves real privacy protections. [The] ADPPA provides long overdue and much needed protections to individuals and communities. We urge you to advance this bill to a vote as soon as possible.”

You may view the letter for more information.

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