Public Knowledge Opposes FCC ‘Reform’ Bill
Public Knowledge Opposes FCC ‘Reform’ Bill
Public Knowledge Opposes FCC ‘Reform’ Bill

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    The House Energy and Commerce Committee
    today approved legislation (HR 3309) to “reform” the methods by which the FCC
    can decide cases.

    The following is attributed to Harold Feld,
    legal director of Public Knowledge:

    “The ‘reform’
    legislation approved this morning would make a sham out of the principles which
    have guided our communications laws for the past 75 years. 

    “Instead of relying
    on a fundamental concept of the public’s interest, convenience and necessity in
    a rule, or in the approval of a transaction, the legislation instead defers to
    industry’s interest and convenience.  While
    there are some good features to this bill, including flexibility for
    commissioners to meet, overall we believe it would be a setback to the agency’s
    ability to carry out its mission.

    “We wish the
    Committee had instead devoted its time and energies to legislation that
    promotes broadband, competition and which protects consumers rather than to
    bill which will surely die as soon as they leave the House.”