Public Knowledge Releases Details of AT&T Lobbying, Media Campaigns
Public Knowledge Releases Details of AT&T Lobbying, Media Campaigns
Public Knowledge Releases Details of AT&T Lobbying, Media Campaigns

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    AT&T has hired three former U.S.
    senators, four former members of the House and dozens of staff members of
    current and former legislators of both parties to push its $39 billion takeover
    of T-Mobile, according to a review of lobbying records by Public Knowledge.

    In addition, PK also released information
    showing AT&T has spent $40 million in advertising to push the merger between
    May and October.  Of that total, about
    $14 million was spent in June alone.  The
    bulk of the spending was for TV ads, much of that concentrated in Washington
    and New York.

    The roster of the AT&T All-Star
    Lobbying Team is here.

    A spreadsheet of the advertising data is

    “This information gives us a more complete
    picture of the vast lobbying and advertising resources AT&T has dedicated
    to trying to ram through this takeover,” said Harold Feld, legal director of
    Public Knowledge.  “It is even more
    impressive that while many members of Congress have ignored the facts and are
    backing this takeover, the Justice Department and the Federal Communications
    Commission have not.  It is clear that
    the data the DoJ and FCC have compiled on this deal will negate all of the
    money AT&T has spent to mislead policymakers and the public.”

    AT&T spent $12.4 million on lobbying
    for the first three quarters of this year, according to AT&T lobbying
    reports.  The former senators working for
    AT&T are John Breaux, Trent Lott and Don Nickles.  Breaux is a Democrat, the others are
    Republicans.  Of the former House
    members, the most prominent is ex-House Commerce Committee Chmn. Billy Tauzin,
    who retired as a Republican after starting his career as a Democrat.  The other former members are former Democrats
    Jim Davis, Ron Dellums and Vic Fazio.

    The data shows that AT&T spent about
    $37 million for television ads.  The
    advertising data shows that AT&T spent $9 million on TV network ads,  $5 million on national cable ads, $4 million
    on ads in the Washington, D.C. market and $3 million in the New York City

    This advertising information was derived
    from Competitrack.  While Competitrack makes every reasonable effort to
    ensure that reported ad attribution, classifications and occurrence data are as
    accurate as possible, several factors included in the capture and reporting of
    competitive advertising are beyond Competitrack’s control and the accuracy and
    completeness of that data provided cannot be guaranteed.

    Public Knowledge is a Washington D.C.- based public interest group
    working to defend consumer rights in the emerging digital culture.  More information is available at