Public Knowledge Sets Prescription For ‘Tomorrowvision’
Public Knowledge Sets Prescription For ‘Tomorrowvision’
Public Knowledge Sets Prescription For ‘Tomorrowvision’

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    “TV is stuck in
    a distribution and consumption model that has not significantly changed in
    decades” and needs to change, according to a new policy paper from Public

    analyzes the thickets of rules that govern today’s video market and prescribes
    changes needed to disrupt that marketplace and bring sorely needed competition
    to consumers.  Today’s market is “structured
    less like a modern competitive industry and more like a medieval guild system
    where everyone has a place,” the paper, by PK Senior Staff Attorney John
    Bergmayer, said.  The industry is
    riddled with middlemen, geographic restrictions for some industry sectors,
    serving the layers of distributors more than the content creators or viewers,
    the paper found.

    To allow for
    more direct relationships between creators and viewers, the white paper suggests
    some regulatory changes, which could be removed at a later date:

    • The FCC should issue a
      declaratory ruling that multichannel video programming distributors (cable and
      satellite TV providers, or MVPDs) may not engage in “unfair methods of
      competition or deceptive acts and practices” with regard to online video
      distributors (OVDs).
    • The FCC should begin a
      proceeding to determine which regulations ought to apply to OVDs that choose to
      operate as MVPDs themselves.
    • Congress and the FCC
      should reform the law to allow MVPDs more flexibility in carrying broadcast
    • The FCC should open up
      device competition.

    white paper is located here.