Public Knowledge Welcomes New Staff to Bolster Advocacy Efforts
Public Knowledge Welcomes New Staff to Bolster Advocacy Efforts
Public Knowledge Welcomes New Staff to Bolster Advocacy Efforts

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    Public Knowledge announces several new hires this week. Phillip Berenbroick, Kate Forscey, and Raza Panjwani join Public Knowledge to grow our telecommunications, copyright and Internet policy advocacy. Eboni Speight brings human resources and administration expertise. We also welcome Courtney Duffy as a new advocacy fellow.

    Phillip Berenbroick joins Public Knowledge as Counsel for Government Affairs. The former Policy Director at the Internet Freedom Business Alliance, Mr. Berenbroick brings with him extensive experience in telecommunications, technology and media law. He also serves as an outside counsel to Sports Fans Coalition and is a member of the District of Columbia Bar and Virginia Bar.

    Kate Forscey joins Public Knowledge as Associate Counsel for Government Affairs. Our former Internet Rights Fellow, Ms. Forscey advocates for the public interest in Internet and technology policy and government affairs, including net neutrality and issues crucial to preserving an Open Internet and consumer digital rights.

    Raza Panjwani joins Public Knowledge as Policy Counsel specializing in copyright, telecommunications and Internet law. Mr. Panjwani formerly operated his own intellectual property practice in New York, where he represented clients ranging from artists to technology startups.

    Eboni Speight joins Public Knowledge as Director of Human Resources and Administration. The former Director of Operations at USAction and USAction Education Fund, Ms. Speight oversees budgeting, compensation, employee relations, and professional development as well as administration and finance functions.

    Public Knowledge also welcomes Courtney Duffy, a Robert W. Deutsch Arts & Technology Policy Fellow. Formerly a technology communications practitioner in San Francisco, Ms. Duffy works at the junction of communications, technology and the arts. Her fellowship is made possible through Public Knowledge's partnership with NYC-based Fractured Atlas.

    The following may be attributed to Gene Kimmelman, President and CEO of Public Knowledge:

    “We’re very excited to welcome these talented individuals to continue our advocacy  in copyright, telecommunications and Internet policy. At the same time, we are pleased to announce the Fractured Atlas Arts & Technology Policy fellowship, continuing our commitment to advocacy training programs. Finally, we welcome our new Director of Human Resources and Administration, who will support our mission and professional development. The recent net neutrality victory demonstrates the importance and power of public interest advocacy, and these new hires will be critical to our future successes.”

    You may view our staff page for more information on all new hires.