Sign the Petition to Keep the Music On
Sign the Petition to Keep the Music On
Sign the Petition to Keep the Music On

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    Over the weekend, at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, you'll have the opportunity to sign a petition to ask your Congressional representative to Keep the Music On, and oppose the Copyright Modernization Act of 2006.

    Here's what the petition says:


    We urge our representatives in Congress to stand up for the rights of music consumers, artists, and songwriters.

    We oppose the provisions of the “Copyright Modernization Act of 2006” (H.R. 6052) that will harm those rights.

    H.R. 6052 is unfair to consumers. The bill gives a few giant companies the power to control our music. It lets those big companies dictate what we can hear, and when and how we can listen. It rolls back home recording rights consumers have enjoyed for fifty years. It jeopardizes diverse radio programming, and it gives the big record labels veto power over new innovative technologies that bring music to us all. And this bill would raise copyright penalties to over $1,000,000 per album.

    H.R. 6052 is unfair to artists and songwriters. We believe artists and songwriters are entitled to their royalties. The bill would prevent them from continuing to rely upon state law to protect their royalties. And, it would let the big record companies divert money currently paid directly to artists and songwriters.

    We ask that you “Keep the Music On” and vote against H.R. 6052 and any other bill that will restrict consumers' or musicians' rights.

    What can you do?