As Public Knowledge Celebrates 20 Years, a New Website Takes Us Into the Future

As part of our redesign, I reviewed all 20 years of our content — and over 200 authors — to create a more streamlined, focused website with a categorized search feature. This task gave me a captivating view into the growth of the organization.

Public Knowledge Welcomes New Policy Counsel Nicholas P. Garcia To Bolster Advocacy Efforts

Public Knowledge welcomes Nicholas P. Garcia, Policy Counsel, to our team to focus on net neutrality, closing the digital divide, and broadband affordability.

🚫🧢 (“No Cap”): The Truth about Data Caps and Zero-Rating

Data Caps Explained An internet connection can offer consumers nearly unlimited access to perform their daily tasks: online classes, work meetings via Zoom, grocery shopping, news-gathering on social media, and required leisure of streaming video services. As classes and meetings get longer, and common websites and social media applications grow more data-intensive, consumers need higher […]

Public Knowledge Defends California’s Net Neutrality Protections at Federal Appeals Court

Last night, Public Knowledge joined Access Now, Free Press, Mozilla Corporation, and New America’s Open Technology Institute in filing an amicus brief at the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of ACA Connects v. Bonta.

No, California Net Neutrality Law Did Not “Nail” Veterans — Carriers Are Using Vets as Pawns

This is a lightly edited version of a blog post published on Harold’s personal blog, “Tales from the Sausage Factory,” on In any cliche villain scene, there’s a bad guy threatening to hurt someone else — an innocent bystander, perhaps — unless the protagonist does what the bad guy wants. Although no one would […]

We Already Knew Broadband Should Be A Public Utility. The Pandemic Made It Obvious.

Broadband allows people to participate in the digital world, which encompasses our daily lives. It connects people with their families and friends, news on what is happening in the country and abroad, and gives access to an unlimited amount of important information and resources. During the COVID-19 pandemic, broadband has been critical in supporting online […]

Public Knowledge Celebrates Net Neutrality Victory in California

In a bench ruling, Judge John A. Mendez in the Eastern District of California rejected the attempt by a group of broadband providers to prevent California from enforcing its landmark net neutrality law, which grants the state’s residents the strongest net neutrality protections in the nation.

Public Knowledge Petitions FCC to Begin Reconsidering Trump-Era Broadband Deregulation

Today, Public Knowledge filed a petition asking the Federal Communications Commission to reconsider the agency’s determination under Chairman Pai that its deregulatory agenda was more important than public safety, the infrastructure access necessary for broadband competition, or universal service.

FCC Gives Broadband Providers Carte Blanche to Ignore Public Interest

Right around the time that Malcolm in the Middle started airing, I discovered the concept of emancipation. My rebellious teen self dreamed of calling it quits from my parents. Fortunately, my parents firmly squashed this notion, and I was left with the consolation prize of blaring the chorus to the show’s theme song — “you’re […]

FCC’s Approach to the D.C. Circuit’s Remand Fails to Promote the Public Interest

Today, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Pai published a draft Order that would reaffirm the agency’s 2017 net neutrality repeal. The vote is a response to a 2019 remand by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals in Mozilla v. FCC ordering the agency to address how its net neutrality repeal could harm public safety, pole attachments, and even the Lifeline program.