Published September 2014

-This term, net neutrality, is the idea that all internet traffic should be open and equal.

-The internet is in danger, and we need to protect it from gatekeepers and make sure they keep the internet in the hands of those who use it most, us.

-Why is this important? Because without net neutrality, I {we} would never have been able to get our voice or ideas heard anywhere online.

-It is estimated that by 2017, video content will account for 80-90% of all global internet traffic. Internet Service Providers already charge us to access the internet through our homes or our phones. New FCC rules could allow these companies to charge creators – like you – for access to their viewers. Those fees will either need to be absorbed by creators or passed down to their audiences; either way, it is a losing idea for everyone except the ISPs.

-To limit net neutrality would drastically reduce the freedom, openness, and possibility of the internet as we know it.

-Your voice is what will save the net. Join me in telling the FCC that we want to keep the internet as it is, open and equal.

-Please go to and submit your voice for net neutrality. Then use the wonders of the internet to spread the word – make a video, tweet, share it on tumblr, whatever you want.