VIDEO: FCC hearing on Network Management at Stanford
VIDEO: FCC hearing on Network Management at Stanford
VIDEO: FCC hearing on Network Management at Stanford

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    Yesterday, the FCC took a field trip to the campus of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. There it heard from two panels of experts and policy shapers on the issue of network management and more broadly net neutrality. If you didn’t see it, or listen to the FCC’s stream of it, thankfully, it’s been video recorded and put on the web…

    Panel I: Network Management and Consumer Expectations

    Professor Lessig presented one of his illustrative keynotes at the start, and apparently he recorded the live audio and dubbed it to the video later:

    You can watch the rest of the first panel via, which includes:

    • Rick Carnes, President, Songwriters Guild of America

    • Michele Combs, Christian Coalition of America

    • George Ou, Independent Consultant and Former Network Engineer

    • Jon Peha, Associate Director of the Center for Wireless and Broadband
      Networking; Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the Department of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University

    • Jean Prewitt, President and Chief Executive Officer, Independent Film &
      Television Alliance

    • James P. Steyer, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Common Sense Media
      Robb Topolski, Software Quality Engineer

    Panel II: Consumer Access to Emerging Internet Technologies and Applications

    The second panel consisted of some familiar characters as well, including “the quiet crusader” Ben Scott from Free Press and Harold Feld from Media Access Project (we work closely in coalition with FP and MAP in DC through the Public Interest Spectrum Coalition), and a couple of active entrepreneurs, Jason Devitt of SkyDeck and Blake Krikorian of Sling Media, who have recently testified before Congress on issues like net neutrality and online innovation. You can watch the full second panel again at

    • Barbara van Schewick, Assistant Professor of Law, Stanford Law School

    • Jason Devitt, Chief Executive Officer, SkyDeck

    • Harold Feld, Senior Vice President, Media Access Project

    • George S. Ford, Chief Economist Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal & Economic Public Policy Studies

    • Brett Glass, Chief Executive Officer,

    • Blake Krikorian, Chief Executive Officer, Sling Media

    • Jon Peterson, Co-Director, Real-Time Applications and Infrastructure (RAI), Internet Engineering Task Force

    • Gregory L. Rosston, Deputy Director, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research

    • Ben Scott, Policy Director, Free Press

    All and all, it was a substantive hearing. I expect we’ll hear more about it soon as a first hand account from Jef Pearlman, who was there in person. You may have even had the privilege of riding down to Palo Alto with him!