Welcome to our New Website
Welcome to our New Website
Welcome to our New Website

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    If you are one the 231,000 plus unique visitors who have been to our website in 2011, you have probably thought “great content, poor presentation.” If so you would be absolutely right.  That is why I am proud to introduce the next iteration of PublicKnowedge.org.

    I encourage you to explore the new site, but here are a few of the biggest changes:

    New Advocacy Tools: There is now a built in advocacy system that easily allows you to sign petitions or contact your legislators, Check out our current action to contact your members of Congress to take a stand for the Internet and stop the ‘Protect IP Act (PIPA)’ 

    New Navigation System:  We have tried to reorganize the content on this site in a more logical and straightforward manner. With our improved drop down navigation and latest content featured on the homepage we hope you will be able to quickly find the information your looking for. Please see the chart below. 

    Blog: Now with social sharing icons! Whether you like, love or just find our content interesting we hope you will share it with your networks. We will be adding even more icons soon, starting with Stumble Upon and Reddit. 

    Coming Soon

    Mobile: In 2011 we had over 24,000 views to our site from mobile devices. Since the average time on site for mobile visitors was ½ that of non-mobile users, we know we owe you a better mobile experience.  We are taking steps to make sure that the site is optimized for mobile browsers. 

    Donations: Your generous contributions are what keep us going, and it is our responsibility to make the donation process as smooth and efficient as possible. We’re in the process of evaluating new payment processing vendors and rolling out a new system in early 2012. We also hope to revamp the available merchandise and number of events to attend.

    While this new site is certainly not perfect, I hope you will find it useful and informative.  

    If you spot an error or have suggestions for improvement please do let me know!

    I can be reached at tgray at publicknowledge dot org as well as on twitter @tylergray