What You’re Saying About #SOPA on Twitter
What You’re Saying About #SOPA on Twitter
What You’re Saying About #SOPA on Twitter

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    We’re still crunching numbers and analyzing data, but we wanted to go ahead and share a couple new resources for following conversations about the Stop Online Piracy Act, otherwise known as #SOPA and its evil twin #PROTECTIP.

    Our friends at The Brick Factory were kind enough to create two instances of their Twitter tracking tool, Slurp140* dedicated to tracking all mentions of the hashtags since December 15th at 1:58 PM EST. Check out the search function and come back tomorrow for a interactive data visulaization.  What was your favorite Tweet about #sopa?

    #SOPA on Twitter: http://www.slurp140.com/sopa/

    SOPA Twitter Total Tweets Sent: 219,487

    Total Number of Accounts: 108,271

    Most Popular Client: Tweetdeck

    Max Tweets / Hour: 23,567

    Average Number of Tweets Sent by Top 10 Users:  203

    Also recommended, Congressman Darell Issa released some statistics about the online audience for last weeks SOPA hearings that got written up on Gigaom:

    Visits: 197,726
    Unique Page Views: 219,712
    American Visitors: 138,917

    #PROTECTIP on Twitter: http://www.slurp140.com/protectip

    On this, we were able to start pulling data starting at 4:56 PM EST on 2/9/11. Expect this one to pick up as the Senate takes up the bill on January 23rd.

    Teaser: SOPA Twitter Vizualizaiton

    With our excellent coalition partners, we’re currentley working on some pretty amazing data vizulaization. Come back tomorrow and you will get to see a dynamic image in which you can pan, zoom and explore the interconcted web of conversations in full 100,000x pixel glory.


    *Before starting here at PK, I worked with the excellent team at The Brick Factory in developing Slurp140.