Get Involved Today

    The conference of the week is Wikimania, going on right now at Harvard Law School.

    Wikipedia is a great example of why the policy issues that Public Knowledge focuses on are important.

    Wikipedia is in a pretty primitive stages of development — who knows what it will become?

    But as everything moves towards video across high-speed broadband connections, and as Wikipedia becomes video/experts/edited authority, even something as home-grown and non-proprietary as Wikipedia might suddenly be perceived as a threat to network providers — so it's important that network providers not have the ability to be gatekeepers.

    And so that Wikipedia authors can morph and edit video and audio files available across the net, it's important that the devices they use not be crippled by technical mandates imposed by Congress.

    Wikipedia is today's collective darling — and Public Knowledge is working to make sure that tomorrow's innovations aren't stifled.