Public Knowledge recognizes the need for artificial intelligence policy that helps us achieve the enormous potential benefits of AI tools. We aim to support AI policies that minimize risk to our democracy and society. Review the following resources to learn more about how Public Knowledge is advocating for AI governance that benefits us all:

Blog Posts

March 18, 2024: “Lies All the Way Down” – Combating 2024 Election Disinformation

February 27, 2024: Challenging Big Tech in the Age of AI

January 25, 2024: Celebs: They’re Just Like Us! (Or Might Be, Under These New Anti-Deepfake Bills)

January 9, 2024: The Top Reasons the JCPA Won’t Save Local News — Including from AI

August 14, 2023: Hey, That’s My Voice! – The Significance of the Right of Publicity in the Age of Generative AI

August 7, 2023: Lies, Damn Lies, and Generative Artificial Intelligence: How GAI Automates Disinformation and What We Should Do About It

June 29, 2023: AI Policy and the Uncanny Valley Freakout

May 11, 2023: Generative AI is Disruptive, But More Copyright Isn’t the Answer.

April 7, 2023: AI Doesn’t Need to Move Fast and Break Things

March 8, 2023: Sorry Sydney: Generative AI Doesn’t (and Shouldn’t) Have a Liability Shield

Press Releases

January 25, 2024: Public Knowledge Commends FTC Move To Investigate Big Tech, AI Partnerships

November 8, 2023: Public Knowledge President and CEO Chris Lewis Testifies Before Senate AI Insights Forum on Privacy and Liability

October 30, 2023: Public Knowledge Applauds White House Executive Order To Safeguard AI Development

Other Public Knowledge Content

March 27, 2024: Final NTIA Comments on Widely Available Model Weights

February 2, 2024: NIST Comments on AI Executive Order

November 15, 2023: The Intersection of Federal Privacy Legislation & AI Governance

November 8, 2023: Chris Lewis Senate AI Insights Forums Testimony on Privacy and Liability

October 30, 2023 : USCO AI and Copyright Comments

August 1, 2023: Reply Comments to PCAST on Generative AI

July 7, 2023: Reply Comments to OSTP on Artificial Intelligence

June 12, 2023: NTIA AI Accountability Reply Comments

May 17, 2023: Opening Remarks at the “Copyright and Artificial Intelligence” Listening Session

Key Media and Opinions

October 31, 2023: Artificial Intelligence and the Path Forward for Technology Policy (Harvard Advanced Leadership)

October 24, 2023: The Future of AI Is GOMA (The Atlantic)

August 8, 2023: AI companies try to self-regulate (Politico)

July 28, 2023: AI Regulation Roundup: Where Are We Now? (Net Caucus)

June 6, 2023: AI’s steep costs are already triggering competition concerns (Washington Post)

May 23, 2023: Generative AI tools like ChatGPT could test bounds of tech liability shield (The Hill)

May 11, 2023: Musicians Are Already Using AI More Often Than We Think (Pitchfork)

May 10, 2023: Frank Ocean fans are getting scammed with fake AI-generated songs (The Verge)

May 1, 2023: Drake’s AI clone is here — and Drake might not be able to stop him (The Verge)

January 17, 2023: Nick Cave says ChatGPT’s AI attempt to write Nick Cave lyrics ‘sucks’ (BBC)

External Resources

January 18, 2024: Enabling Creativity: A Panel on AI, Art, and Copyright (Chamber of Progress panel)

October 4, 2023: CC Global Summit 2023 Day 1 Plenary Panel: AI & Copyright (Creative Commons panel)

October 15, 2023: Generative Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Creativity (Movement for a Better Internet)