Public Knowledge recognizes the many flaws within the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act. The JCPA threatens smaller news outlets and competition by favoring large news conglomerates and making information more difficult to access. Check out the following resources for more information:

Blog Posts

December 21, 2023: Why Google and Facebook Don’t Owe Publishers $14 Billion a Year

November 7, 2022: Strange Bedfellows: Why Advocates From Across the Spectrum Still Oppose the JCPA

September 6, 2022: Stop the Presses! JCPA Favors Big Media Broadcasters Over Newspapers!

June 24, 2022: Here We Go Again: Another Round of Changes Haven’t Solved the Problems with the JCPA 

April 18, 2022: Not Big, If True: Congress’s Proposed Changes Fail to Solve the Fundamental Problems with the JCPA

December 21, 2021: We Can Save Local News Without Upending Copyright Law

July 21, 2021: We Told You So: Small Publishers Struggle for a Seat at the Table in Negotiations With Platforms in Australia and France

June 17, 2021: Can the Journalism Competition & Preservation Act Really Preserve Local Journalism? Public Knowledge Says “Probably Not.”

Press Releases

June 15, 2023: Public Knowledge Warns Congress Against Adopting Controversial Journalism Competition and Preservation Act

June 15, 2023: Public Knowledge Joins More Than Two Dozen Groups Urging Congress To Abandon Problematic ‘Journalism’ Bill

March 31, 2023: Public Knowledge Opposes Faulty ‘Journalism’ Bill Undermining Open Internet and Free Speech Online

December 5, 2022: Public Knowledge Joins 26 Groups Urging Congress To Drop JCPA from Must-Pass Defense Legislation

September 6, 2022: Public Knowledge Joins 20 Groups Urging Congress To Shelve Journalism Competition and Preservation Act

June 30, 2022: Marking A Win for Free Expression Online, Copyright Office Finds that New Forms of Copyright Would Not Benefit Journalism

February 2, 2022: Public Interest Advocates Warn Congress Against Adopting JCPA

June 17, 2021: Public Knowledge Joins 5 Consumer Groups Urging Congress To Amend JCPA or Risk Losing Internet Links

Other Public Knowledge Content

Public Knowledge’s Contact Congress Action

June 15, 2023: Senate Group Letter Opposing JCPA

December 5, 2022: Group Letter to Congressional Leadership Against JCPA’s NDAA Inclusion

September 6, 2022: Group Letter to Congress Opposing JCPA

February 23, 2022: Ancillary Copyright Explainer

June 17, 2021: Coalition Letter to Congress on the JCPA

Public Knowledge’s Proposed Savings Clause for the JCPA