Public Knowledge Joins More Than Two Dozen Groups Urging Congress To Abandon Problematic ‘Journalism’ Bill

Public Knowledge joined a letter urging Senate leadership not to pass the JCPA.

Today, Public Knowledge joined 24 public interest, consumer advocacy, and civil society groups as well as trade associations, media companies, and others in a letter urging Senate leadership not to pass the “Journalism Competition and Preservation Act” (JCPA). The groups argue that the JCPA “is not and cannot be the answer” for solving the crisis in journalism.

Public Knowledge contends that the “Journalism Competition and Preservation Actfails to support local news, serving only to worsen some of the biggest problems in journalism. Organizations and academics from across the political spectrum have consistently expressed how flawed this so-called journalism bill really is.

The following can be attributed to Lisa Macpherson, Senior Policy Analyst at Public Knowledge:

“After three years of debate and opposition from a wide range of stakeholders, industry lobbyists and sponsors have once again resurrected the JCPA to further enrich massive media corporations and powerful broadcasters at the expense of local news and journalists. Longstanding questions about the JCPA’s impact on content moderation, small and independent media, industry consolidation, and copyright law – as well as the bill’s complete lack of accountability for ensuring the funds actually help support local journalists – continue to go unaddressed.

“While we recognize the crisis in local news, the use of an elaborate antitrust exemption like that in the JCPA will only serve to compound the biggest challenges in our news and information landscape: consolidation of power, distance and disengagement of news conglomerate owners from the communities they serve, and the rampant spread of misinformation on the internet. We urge Congress to abandon this flawed, controversial bill and take up real policy solutions that actually support independent journalism and a diverse, competitive media landscape – one that is equipped to fulfill its constitutional role of informing communities, furthering civic participation, and holding those in power to account.”

You may view the letter as well as our resources page for more information on why Public Knowledge warns Congress against adopting the JCPA.

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