We launched the Sherwin Lee Siy Memorial Fund to honor Sherwin’s legacy of passionate digital rights advocacy. With a goal of $1.5 million, Public Knowledge intends to expand its signature PKTrains program, which provides paid advocacy training to early-career tech policy advocates who may not otherwise have the opportunity for such immersive professional and leadership development. Thanks to many generous corporations, organizations, and individuals, Public Knowledge has already raised over one-third of its $1.5 million goal for the Sherwin Lee Siy Memorial Fund. Fulfilling our goal will bring Public Knowledge and our partners closer to creating a more representative, equitable, and inclusive pipeline for emerging advocates in tech policy spaces

Thank you to the many other generous individuals and organizations who have made donations:

Virginia Abrams • Salvatore Algeri • Axxis Worldwide LLC • Kevin Bankston • Katie Barr • Avonne Bell • Andrew Brewster • Brian Carver • Center for Democracy & Technology • Peter Cheng • Brian Choo • Maria Dautruche • Parul Desai • Mehrun Etebari • Sean Flaim • The Hassid Family • Regina Galer • Michael Garcia • Alexandra Givens • Adam Goldberg • Janine Harris • David Hassid • Nancy Hassid • Brooke Hunter • Alan Inouye • Isaac Johnson • Philomena Kong • Angie Kronenberg • Natalie Lee • Evelyn Lim • Emma Llanso • Li-Ching and Donald Lorentz • Sarah Maguire • Andrew E. Martin • Eloisa Marvin • Jonathan Mayer • Andrew Mcdiarmid • John Morris • Sarah Morris • Vijay Myneni • Ramesh Nagarajan • Aaron Perzanowski • Virginia Robinson • Peter Rook • Charles Mehrtens Roslof • Mike Sager • Ellen Satterwhite • Melda Schulz • Andrew Schwartzman • Jacob Short • Nancy A Sims • Alexandra Sternburg • Sobel-Critchley Family Charitable Fund • Jerome Vered • Caitlin Virtue • Laura Wallace • Stephen Wang • Tara Wheatland

Learn more to donate to the Sherwin Lee Siy Memorial Fund today.