Public Knowledge advocates for net neutrality, the principle that all internet traffic should be treated equally. Review the following resources to learn how reclassifying broadband as a Title II telecommunications service promotes net neutrality as well as consumer protections over broadband.

Blog Posts

April 24, 2024: How the FCC Can Safeguard Broadband Affordability Initiatives Without Rate Regulation

January 17, 2024: Twitch Shuts Down in South Korea: A Reminder of Why We Fight For Net Neutrality

April 27, 2023: The EU’s “Fair Share” Proposal Is a Threat to Net Neutrality Everywhere

May 13, 2021: 🚫🧢 (“No Cap”): The Truth about Data Caps and Zero-Rating

April 9, 2021: No, California Net Neutrality Law Did Not “Nail” Veterans — Carriers Are Using Vets as Pawns

March 15, 2021: We Already Knew Broadband Should Be A Public Utility. The Pandemic Made It Obvious.

October 27, 2020: FCC Gives Broadband Providers Carte Blanche to Ignore Public Interest

June 3, 2020: AT&T is Reminding Us Why the Video Marketplace Was Traditionally Highly Regulated

December 10, 2019: Two Years Later, Broadband Providers Are Still Taking Advantage of An Internet Without Net Neutrality Protections

October 2, 2019: What’s Next for Net Neutrality

June 11, 2019: Net Neutrality: Not New, But More Important Than Ever

January 29, 2019: Broadband Providers Are Quietly Taking Advantage of an Internet Without Net Neutrality Protections

December 4, 2018: Chairman Pai Isn’t Stopping Robocalls — He’s Empowering Carriers to Block Your Text Messages

April 23, 2018: Net Neutrality Does Not End Today. We Still Don’t Know When It Will. This Is Unusual.

April 12, 2018: House Commerce Takes on Paid Prioritization, an Essential Tenet to the Open Internet

July 19, 2017: Net Neutrality: The Social Justice Issue of Our Time

July 18, 2017: Net Neutrality Challenges in the World: Zero-Rating in the European Union

July 10, 2017: ISP Protests of Title II Make It Clear That We Need the Current Rules

June 13, 2017: There Is No Loophole in the Net Neutrality Rules

May 25, 2017: The FCC is Trying to Kill The Open Internet – What That Means and How to Stop It

May 17, 2017: Small but Powerful: Despite Objections, Small ISPs Need Net Neutrality Too

May 8, 2017: The Truth About Net Neutrality and Infrastructure Investment

May 5, 2017: Fact-Checking ISPs’ Claims of Support for Net Neutrality

April 26, 2017: We Need Title II Protections in the Uncompetitive Broadband Market

April 11, 2017: Line-by-line, We Corrected the Record on Broadband Privacy and Net Neutrality

July 20, 2016: T-Mobile’s Zero-Rating of Pokémon GO Raises Questions for the Open Internet

February 26, 2016: Happy Birthday Net Neutrality! Where Do We Stand One Year Later?

December 3, 2015: What to Expect When You’re Expecting Oral Arguments for Yet Another Appeal of FCC Open Internet Rule

December 2, 2015: Net Neutrality in Court This Week: The Story of How We Got Here

June 23, 2015: The First Net Neutrality Complaint Under The 2015 Rules Is Likely To Lose, And That’s A Good Thing.

June 16, 2015: Net Neutrality Litigation: Round 1 Goes To the FCC

May 26, 2015: “Stay With Me”: ISPs Head to Court to Fight New Net Neutrality Rules

April 28, 2015: USTA Supports Net Neutrality, Except When It Doesn’t

April 23, 2015: The Net Neutrality Saga: A Long-Expected Journey

March 24, 2015: First Round of Lawsuits Filed in Net Neutrality Case. Now What?

March 12, 2015: Today is FCC Net Neutrality Order Day! What Happens Now?

February 26, 2015: What Happens Now With Net Neutrality?

February 26, 2015: A Landmark Day for Net Neutrality

February 13, 2015: PK Experts Answer Your Burning Questions on Net Neutrality and Title II

February 12, 2015: I Just Called to Say I Love Title II

February, 2015: Title II is Not Net Neutrality, and Net Neutrality is Not Utility Regulation

October 2, 2014: Throwing Shade at Title II with Forbearance Fearmongering

September 25, 2014: Reliability Rather Than Rainbows: Why Strong Title II Remains the Best Option For an Open Internet

September 19, 2014: New African Declaration Highlights Net Neutrality, Spectrum and Access to Information Principles

September 10, 2014: Internet Slowdown Day and Net Neutrality

August 14, 2014: Hey T-Mobile: 2007 Called and it Wants its Net Neutrality Complaint Back

August 6, 2014: Putting the Open Internet Transparency Rule to the Test

September 12, 2013: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Net Neutrality Oral Argument

September 9, 2013: What Happened At The Net Neutrality Oral Argument

May 10, 2013: FCC: This is What a Net Neutrality Violation Looks Like

January 15, 2013: AT&T Exempts Itself From Its Data Cap, Violates (at least) the Spirit of Net Neutrality

September 26, 2012: A Network Neutrality Meme That Will Not Go Away

March 27, 2012: Meanwhile, Back At The D.C. Circuit . . . . The Open Internet Litigation Plods Along.

March 26, 2012: Comcast Exempts Itself From Its Data Cap, Violates (at least the) Spirit of Net Neutrality

November 8, 2011: SOPA: Immunity for Net Neutrality Violations?

September 23, 2011: A Quick Guide For The Upcoming Net Neutrality Rules Challenge

June 30, 2011: Civil Society Walks Away From OECD Internet Policy Principles

January 26, 2011: sshh — Republicans Support Net Neutrality

December 21, 2010: The FCC Network Neutrality Order: Possible Adequacy, But No Regulatory Certainty Any Time Soon.

October 27, 2010: The Open Internet Under Assault

October 8, 2010: Sorry AT&T, Title II Would Not “Require” Paid Prioritization.

May 24, 2010: Congress Can Act, But Let The FCC Do Its Job

May 13, 2010: The Big Lie About The FCC’s Third Way To An Open Internet — (And a Dirty Little Secret)

April 28, 2010: Preempt State Broadband Reporting Requirements? Under What Authority?

April 26, 2010: No Houdinis Needed: FCC Should Take Direct Way to Broadband Authority

April 8, 2010: Comcast Sees The Downside To Winning Their Net Neutrality Case

April 6, 2010: The FCC Lacks the Authority to Protect Internet Users–Now What?

February 23, 2010: Connecting The Telecom Dots Behind ‘Net Neutrality’ (Hint: It’s About The Money)

February 1, 2010: Obama Not Backing Away From Net Neutrality

January 15, 2010: How to Preserve an Open Internet

January 14, 2010: Hey FCC: Don’t Sacrifice Network Neutrality to Content Owners

October 30, 2009: Crowdsourcing AT&T’s Anti-Net Neutrality Campaign

October 21, 2009: Canada Adopts Comcast/Bitorrent Standard For Network Management

September 21, 2009: The Open Internet Has A Great Day — But It’s Only Day 1

August 3, 2009: FCC and Congress Start Campaign For Open Internet

May 29, 2009: Obama Defends Net Neutrality; Is Anyone (Time Warner for example) Listening?

January 30, 2009: Some Middle Ground: How Cox Can Trust Its Customers, Control Congestion, and Preserve Net Neutrality

December 18, 2008: AT&T’s 4 Cents and the Wall Street Journal Link Broadband and Net Neutrality

September 19, 2008: What Will Comcast Do Today? First Compliance Check On Comcast/BitTorrent Order.

May 2, 2008: Why The ‘Right’ Gets Net Neutrality Wrong

April 22, 2008: Taking Net Neutrality to the Hill

April 14, 2008: Defining Net Neutrality Internationally

March 27, 2008: Comcast and BitTorrent: Together at Last? [Updated]

November 19, 2007: Right-to-Attach in Walled Gardens is Just As Important as Net Neutrality

August 8, 2007: AT&T Censors Pearl Jam — Another Reason for Net Neutrality

August 2, 2007: Will Sprint really embrace wireless net-neutrality?

June 28, 2007: FTC Net Neutrality Report Tortures Logic to Reach a Twisted Conclusion

April 11, 2007: Telephone Companies Behaving Badly — A Net Neutrality Warning

March 22, 2007: FCC Takes (Passive) Aggressive Action on Net Neutrality

February 16, 2007: The FTC Tackles Net Neutrality

October 4, 2006: Cable Ties Itself Up in Net Neutrality Knots

September 25, 2006: Attention K-Mart Shoppers: Avoid the Net Neutrality Aisle

September 22, 2006: Net Neutrality: Back to the Drawing Board

September 21, 2006: Pro-Net Neutrality Nuggets Are Buried in Verizon’s Poll

August 30, 2006: Net neutrality as better business standards

August 29, 2006: Spectrum and Net Neutrality Lessons from the FCC’s Recent Spectrum Auction

August 22, 2006: The Net Neutrality Ironies Facing the FTC

August 8, 2006: Net Neutrality, Before the Net

August 3, 2006: Net Neutrality Tool Misses the Point

July 17, 2006: Ringside at the Net Neutrality Smackdown

June 28, 2006: Network Neutrality, & “Internet Misrepresentation”

June 19, 2006: Get Your Net Neutrality Definitions Here!

June 14, 2006: What Matters Most about Network Neutrality

June 12, 2006: Net Neutrality in One Page – A Rebuttal

June 9, 2006: A New Net Neutrality Opening

June 9, 2006: After the Net Neutrality Vote

June 8, 2006: Net Rurality

June 6, 2006: Net Neutrality Nitty Gritty

Press Releases

April 25, 2024: Public Knowledge Applauds FCC Move Restoring Agency’s Broadband Authority, Net Neutrality Rules

April 3, 2024: FCC Set To Reinstate Title II Authority, Ensuring a Free and Open Internet

December 14, 2023: Public Knowledge Urges FCC To Reinstate Broadband Authority, Bring Back Net Neutrality Protections

October 19, 2023: FCC Moves To Reinstate Title II Broadband Authority, Net Neutrality Rules

September 26, 2023: FCC Chairwoman Rosenworcel Announces Plan To Reinstate Title II Broadband Authority, Net Neutrality Rules

September 7, 2023: Senate Votes To Confirm Anna Gomez as FCC Commissioner

July 12, 2023: Public Knowledge Urges Senate To Swiftly Approve FCC Nominees

October 26, 2022: Public Knowledge Urges Sen. Schumer To Confirm Consumer Champion Gigi Sohn to FCC

July 18, 2022: Public Knowledge Urges Congress To Swiftly Move New Net Neutrality Bill Forward

May 5, 2022: Internet Service Providers Drop California Net Neutrality Lawsuit, But Nationwide Rules Still Needed

April 20, 2022: Internet Users Score Major Victory as Ninth Circuit Upholds California Net Neutrality Case

January 28, 2022: Internet Users Score Major Victory as Appellate Court Upholds California Net Neutrality Rules

May 12, 2021: Public Knowledge Defends California’s Net Neutrality Protections at Federal Appeals Court

February 23, 2021: Public Knowledge Celebrates Net Neutrality Victory in California

February 8, 2021: Public Knowledge Petitions FCC to Begin Reconsidering Trump-Era Broadband Deregulation

October 6, 2020: FCC’s Approach to the D.C. Circuit’s Remand Fails to Promote the Public Interest

October 1, 2020: Public Knowledge Joins California Fight to Preserve State’s Net Neutrality Protections

April 20, 2020: Public Knowledge Files Comments on FCC’s Net Neutrality Public Notice

February 19, 2020: FCC Action on FCC Remand Fails to Take the Issues Seriously

February 6, 2020: Public Knowledge Responds to D.C. Circuit Refusal to Rehear Net Neutrality Case

December 19, 2019: Public Knowledge Applauds Governor Cuomo’s Proposal to Ensure Net Neutrality Protections for New Yorkers

December 13, 2019: Public Knowledge Files Petition for Rehearing of Net Neutrality Case Before D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals

October 1, 2019: Public Knowledge Applauds D.C. Circuit Court Ruling Preventing FCC from Blocking State Net Neutrality Laws

June 11, 2019: Public Knowledge Urges Senate to Pass Save the Internet Act to Restore Net Neutrality

April 10, 2019: Public Knowledge Applauds House for Passing Save the Internet Act to Restore Net Neutrality

March 6, 2019: Public Knowledge Welcomes Consensus Markey-Doyle Bill to Restore Net Neutrality

February 7, 2019: Public Knowledge Opposes Net Neutrality Bills Weakening FCC’s Authority to Protect Consumers

February 1, 2019: Public Knowledge Tells D.C. Circuit FCC Illegally Repealed Net Neutrality

November 5, 2018: Supreme Court Declines to Hear Challenge to Decision Upholding Net Neutrality Rules

October 1, 2018: Public Knowledge Welcomes California Bill Restoring Net Neutrality Protections

August 31, 2018: Public Knowledge Welcomes California Open Internet Bill to Restore Net Neutrality Protections

August 20, 2018: Public Knowledge Asks Appeals Court to Restore FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules

May 16, 2018: Senate Moves to Restore FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules for Consumers

May 9, 2018: Public Knowledge Supports Petition to Restore Net Neutrality Rules

February 27, 2018: Public Knowledge Urges Americans to Demand Congress Restore FCC Net Neutrality Rules

February 26, 2018: Ninth Circuit Decision Reaffirms FTC Jurisdiction, Need to Restore Net Neutrality Rules

February 22, 2018: Public Knowledge Challenges Reckless FCC Net Neutrality Rollback

January 16, 2018: Public Knowledge Files Protective Petition in D.C. Circuit Regarding Net Neutrality Rollback

December 14, 2017: FCC Abandons Consumer Protection Responsibility With Net Neutrality Repeal

December 11, 2017: Public Knowledge Calls FCC, FTC Net Neutrality Agreement ‘Honor System’ for Broadband

December 4, 2017: Public Interest Groups Urge FCC Chairman to Delay Net Neutrality Vote to Dismantle Rules

November 22, 2017: Public Knowledge Responds to FCC Chairman Pai’s Proposal to Gut Net Neutrality Rules

November 21, 2017: FCC Chairman Pai Moves to Strip Americans of Net Neutrality Protections

August 30, 2017: Public Knowledge Files FCC Reply Comments to Preserve Net Neutrality Rules

July 17, 2017: Public Knowledge Files FCC Comments to Preserve Net Neutrality Rules

July 12, 2017: Public Knowledge Partners with Major Websites and Public Interest Groups to Save the Internet

July 10, 2017: Public Knowledge Welcomes Major Websites to World’s Largest Online Protest to Save Net Neutrality

June 6, 2017: Public Knowledge Joins Amazon, Reddit, and Fight for the Future to Save Net Neutrality

May 18, 2017: Godfather Director to FCC Chairman Pai: Preserve Net Neutrality Rules for Arts Community

May 18, 2017: Public Knowledge Opposes FCC Chairman Pai’s Move to Kill Net Neutrality Rules

May 1, 2017: DC Circuit Court Upholds Open Internet Rules — Again

April 26, 2017: FCC Chairman Pai Announces Plan to Roll Back Net Neutrality Rules

July 29, 2016: Public Knowledge Responds to Trade Group Attempts to Reverse Net Neutrality Ruling

June 14, 2016: D.C. Circuit Affirms FCC’s Open Internet Rules, Protects Net Neutrality for Consumers

December 17, 2015: Public Knowledge Applauds FCC Inquiry Into Concerning Data Cap Practices of Comcast, Mobile Carriers

December 16, 2015: Congress Preserves Net Neutrality, FCC Authority in Omnibus Spending Agreement

December 4, 2015: Public Knowledge Defends Net Neutrality Rules in D.C. Circuit

November 10, 2015: Federal Circuit Protects Open Internet from Trade Agency Incursion in ClearCorrect v. ITC

October 16, 2015: Protect the Open Internet from Incursion by Trade Agency, Advocates Tell Administration

September 21, 2015: Public Knowledge, Allies File to Defend FCC Open Internet Rules in D.C. Circuit

July 30 , 2015: Public Knowledge Responds to Carriers’ Brief Targeting Net Neutrality

July 28. 2015: Public Knowledge Publishes Net Neutrality Paper Investigating Zero-Rating Practices

June 11, 2015: Public Knowledge Applauds Court’s Decision to Keep Net Neutrality Rules in Place

May 22, 2015: Public Knowledge Asks DC Circuit to Keep Net Neutrality Rules in Effect During Legal Challenge

May 8, 2015: Public Knowledge Applauds FCC Denial of Net Neutrality Stay

May 5, 2015: Public Knowledge Files Opposition to Petition for Stay on Net Neutrality

May 1, 2015: Public Knowledge Rejects Unfounded Industry Petitions Against Net Neutrality

April 22, 2015: Public Knowledge Goes to Court to Defend Net Neutrality

March 12, 2015: Public Knowledge Applauds FCC for Delivering Strong Open Internet Rules

February 26, 2015: Public Knowledge Commends FCC for Adopting Landmark Net Neutrality Rules

February 4, 2015: Public Knowledge Supports Chairman Wheeler’s Strong Net Neutrality Proposal

February 2, 2015: Reports Suggest Strong Net Neutrality Rules from FCC

December 2, 2014: GAO Report Highlights Problems With Data Caps

November 12, 2014: Public Knowledge Demands FCC Act Immediately on Title II Net Neutrality Rules

May 8, 2014: Public Knowledge Encouraged By FCC Recognition of Need for Meaningful Net Neutrality Rules

April 30, 2014: FCC Chairman Reiterates Net Neutrality Proposal at Cable Show

March 21, 2014: Public Knowledge Comments Tout Title II as Open Internet Protector

April 4, 2011: Public Knowledge Pleased Verizon Challenge To Net Neutrality Dismissed

November 5, 2010: Public Interest Groups Urge FCC To Act on Net Neutrality Policy

April 28, 2010: Public Knowledge Tells FCC Hearing Rules Needed To Protect Open Internet

October 22, 2009: ​​Public Knowledge Praises FCC Action on Net Neutrality

September 21, 2009: Public Knowledge Praises Genachowski For Net Neutrality Proposals

September 18, 2009: Public Knowledge Pleased With Net Neutrality Rulemaking

March 27, 2008: Public Knowledge Sees BitTorrent-Comcast Arrangement As Irrelevant

January 15, 2008: FCC Starts Triple Investigation of Carrier Internet Practices

October 19, 2007: Public Knowledge Says Comcast Internet Interference Shows Need For Net Neutrality Legislation

September 27, 2007: Verizon Blockage of Text Messages Shows Need for Net Neutrality

March 22, 2007: Public Knowledge Disappointed with FCC Broadband Notice of Inquiry

October 10, 2006: Public Knowledge Urges FCC To Protect Internet Freedom

Other Public Knowledge Content

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Key Media and Opinions

January 16, 2024: Tom Morello, Amanda Palmer, More Call on FCC to Restore Net Neutrality and ‘Protect Art’ (Rolling Stone)

October 4, 2023: Net Neutrality Is Still Needed Despite Its Quiet Hiatus (Washington Post)

October 2, 2023: What is net neutrality? As FCC chair weighs return, what to know about the internet rule (USA Today)

September 28, 2023: Net neutrality is back, but it’s not what you think (Vox)

March 16, 2023: The White House might be running out of time to bring back net neutrality (The Verge)

July 28, 2022: Congressional Democrats Introduce Net Neutrality Bill (CNET)

July 18, 2022: Congressional Democrats Ready Net Neutrality Bill (CNET)

April 22, 2022: Broadband Industry Ends California Net Neutrality Lawsuit (CNET)

October 3, 2019: The net neutrality battle lives on: What you need to know after the appeals court decision (CNET)

October 2, 2019: Net neutrality battle moves to the states (CNET)

June 11, 2018: Goodbye to net neutrality. Hello to an even-bigger AT&T? (Washington Post)

February 22, 2018: The FCC’s vote repealing its net neutrality rules is finally official. Here’s what happens now. (Washington Post)

May 14, 2017: Net Neutrality Update: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive) (HBO)

May 9, 2017: Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

June 2, 2014: Net Neutrality: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

External Resources

October 25, 2022: Public Knowledge Launches Movement for a Better Internet To Create an Internet That Benefits Everyone